Sunday, January 27, 2013

silver morning

The World spins faster when you're running without your shoes. It's the spring in your step, it's the first wake of the morning as the sun tickles you with its creeping amber rays peeking through the cracks of the curtains. I shake off the weariness; a new day has come. I'm not free of the burdens of yesterday but at least I know the night's slumber has given me the rest and strength needed to face those burdens for but another day.

It's a Sunday morning. The neighborhood is asleep and I do my best to not awaken the silence as I unlock the balcony door and slide the grazing iron open. I walk towards where the balcony ends and where the roof begins. Today, today I'll walk over. This morning feels different. Sure, the tides may change in a few hours. But for now, let me bask in this comfort.

The sun's rays caresses my face. It's content, it's peace and serenity. It's how mornings should feel like. The World isn't perfect but to see the sunrise means you've been given a chance to continue your Worldly fight. The slivers of amber, blue, silver and violet intertwine with one another, teasing and chasing to dominate the vast embarking morning. Though of course, blue will win it out in time.

The birds chirp, busying themselves with the day - Ignoring this single waking soul on the roof - Admiring the World before him. It's content. I remember a similar morning such as this four years ago. It feels no different, though with a touch of aged wine. Later doesn't matter, the afternoon, evening or night. What matters is now - This sunrise. With the World rousing, I smile. I'm a witness to this beautiful wonder.

It's just me and the sunrise. And it feels great.

photo credits to Andrew

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