Thursday, February 28, 2013

rejection letters

In the span of one week, I'd receive what seemed to be subtle rejection. No, not the emotional sort. Rather the sort that leads to constructive criticism. And perhaps, as stinging as it was reading through the letter many times - Perhaps it was what I needed in the longest time. I wasn't invincible. No, I've drilled that into my head more than two years since. More rather, this seemed more like a prevention.

That in the height of confidence, I cannot allow my ego to get ahead of me. The rejection letters (it wasn't really rejection per se) threw light to my eyes and reminded me that I had so much more to learn, to do and to experience. That yes, there are others out there and I'm packaged with shortcomings. These shortcomings are weaknesses I've to learn to overcome.

To address an issue related: my writing style is rigid. Yes, I've said this once too many times before. I've familiarized myself so strongly with hard-writing (I was told it reverberates factual and analytical) that I've lost the art of feature-writing. This may take more than a few attempts but it looks like I've to write more. And perhaps write less to news-related bodies and more to the online magazines out there.

After all, (if luck holds) I'm due to intern at a magazine come middle of the year. Oh, don't worry. You'll soon find out about that when the time comes. There's a saying that goes to not count one's chickens before they hatch. I'd have to be careful with myself now. That and start writing more features - God, I need to loosen up.

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