Tuesday, March 26, 2013

in hindsight

It was a moment of splendor. It was a gold mine, free parking. And not just one but five! I quickly ran to my car, unlocking it with a light press. I climbed into my seat, pushing my back against the springy old seat, worn with time and pressure. My eyes glanced to the back-seat where my summons slip lay, tinges of yellow on its sides. It was a souvenir from yesterday in an illegal parking stint.

It was a blameless situation where parking space only amounted to the gravel of the parks and in front of the resident houses. Hey, what was I to do? Moral compass throws itself outside the window at these times and like a person of necessity, I held on to the simplistic argument that "if it doesn't block anyone, it's fine." It's a very Malaysian thing to do. But this is the by-product of limited parking.

I cranked my gear to R, feeling the engine of my car growling as the wheels pushed itself back - held stationary only by my foot on the brake pedal. I released and it inched back slowly. One hand on the wheel, head looking back, I reversed with slow confidence. It wasn't long before I drove myself out of the alley and in front of the parking spaces. Thank goodness they were still vacant. In a reasonable, logical thought process - I decided to reverse-park.

Now the thing about reverse-parking is that it requires a form of precision. An even deeper level of parking skills would be parallel parking but let's not go there. Reverse parking requires a mathematical prediction; a comfortable squeeze between two cars with enough space between both for you and the other drivers to get in and out of the cars. One wrong calculation and one party couldn't get in or out. Or worse, a bump.

I've been driving for two years now under my watchful P sticker, serving as a reminder to my novice skills. Fact is, I'm already due for a renewal. Technically, I was no longer a P driver. No, that ended a month ago. But laziness (and a dash of being busy) is what's delayed me from my needed visit to the JPJ office. Maybe soon (yeah, right). My driving skills, according to my friends, is with reckless confidence. Well, I've nothing to say to that.

And so I reversed with confidence.


Damn it.

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